May 8, 2007

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What Book Should I Write?

While sifting through the several dozen advertisements for cheap Viagra in my inbox this morning, I came across another email from a publisher asking if I might be interested in writing a book.

I've discussed this possibility before with other publishing companies, and it always comes down to the fundamental question:

What would it be about?

You see, what with the Viagra and the whole "making a living" thing, I'm a pretty busy man. And writing a book takes time. Lots of time. So I doubt I could produce more then one book every, say, lifetime - so if I do sit down and write one, it's going to have to be absolutely the right book to be writing.

But what book should I write? What topics should I cover? What needs or tastes aren't being catered for?

And if I wrote this book, would you buy it?

If you've got a moment, perhaps you could help me to figure out what this book should be about. You can do this by participating in this online survey (room for only 100 responses, I'm afraid - so it's first come, first served!)

Or, if you feel really strongly about it, drop me a line with your thoughts.
Posted 14 years, 7 months ago on May 8, 2007