May 10, 2007

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Update On Book Topic Poll

Here's a quick update about the poll I'm running to help me figure out what kind of book I should write.

After 21 votes so far, the leading choice is actually one of the red herrings I threw in, just for a bit of a joke. It seems the joke might have backfired, as nearly half voted for Web 2.0 Design Principles & Patterns.

This could present some practical problems for me as an author, because Web 2.0 doesn't actually mean anything, per se. I could, I suppose, examine some of the trends, like social networking, user-created content, blogging, RSS, mash-ups, JavaScript/XML rich clients, and so on.

These all have design implications, I suppose. I've already written about how new AJAX tools can encourage a 2-tier design mentality, leading to the kind of maintainability headaches that Visual Basic veterans will know only too well. (The horror!)

It will need some thought and a bit of creative noodling.

Hot on the heels of Web 2.0 Design Principles & Patterns are Evolutiuonary Design, Agile Software Development, UML & OOA/D, and C# (meaning code samples in C#, not a book about C#).

If you have your own thoughts about what book I should write, please take a few seconds to complete the poll.
Posted 14 years, 7 months ago on May 10, 2007