June 11, 2007

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Microsoft vs TestDriven.NET - The Saga Continues

Local boy - well, local to me, at any rate - Jamie Cansdale has been suffering under the heavyweight tactics of Microsoft and their lawyers over his TestDriven.NET Visual Studio add-in.

Jamie and I have two things in common, which makes this whole sorry tale of particular interest to me:

1. We both have an SW19 postal code (although I don't recall that we've ever met)

2. We are both very passionate about quality

So, whatever the details of the disagreement, I'm inclined to side with Jamie purely because we have those things in common. Oh, and I use TestDriven.NET - though I have never used it with the Express edition of Visual Studio, which is what all the fuss seems to be about.

Now, I can think of 2 reasons why I might pay for a "grown-up" Visual Studio license, and unit test tool integration is one of them. So I can appreciate why MS are a bit miffed. But I still think their reaction is totally over the top.

If they're hoping to endear themselves to the developer community, this isn't the way to go about it.

It makes them look petty and nasty, frankly.

Oh, and a bit desperate...
Posted 14 years, 1 month ago on June 11, 2007