June 12, 2007

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Don't Waste Time Agonising Over Decisions

Indecision can kill projects.

It's a slow and lingering death.

Like not being able to hire the right team because you can't decide if it should be Java or .NET.

Or like being unable to commit to an iterative approach, so you can't get to work on the first requirement.

The most common reason for indecision is FEAR.

FEAR that we might make the wrong decision.

So, instead, we make no decision.

And this is based on the very common misconception that the more time we spend analysing a decision, the more likely it is that we will make the right decision.

The problem with that assumption is that most decisions we have to make on software projects are so complex and fuzzy that it's almost impossible to predict what the outcome will be.

It's often the delays to key decisions that cause the real damage - schedule compression, confusion, panic, fear and all that comes of that.

In many cases, the best strategy is to pick one approach and give it a go. That way, you'll know what works and what doesn't in your situation.

In that sense, it's better to make a mistake quickly and cheaply than to waste months and millions agonising over intractable decisions.
Posted 14 years, 1 month ago on June 12, 2007