June 19, 2007

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Time To Move On?

This morning I opened my email inbox and my eye was drawn to this subject line:

SaaS Architecture for Extreme Agility and Scalability

It was an invitation to a special "webinar" (which is sales bollocks for "seminar conducted using the Internet as a medium", of course)that would cover the following topics:

* Integrating mainframes, databases, legacy C and third party systems.
* Designing service menus for customized subscriptions.
* Guaranteeing service levels and reporting SLA metrics.

And that's Agile how, exactly?

Now this is exactly the kind of nonsense that I've been talking about. The words "Agile" and "Extreme" have been subsumed into the marketeer's lexicon of meaningless platitudes, along with solution, enabling and the especially vacuous innovation (whatever that is).

It sounds like it might finally be time to pack up and move on.
Posted 14 years, 1 month ago on June 19, 2007