June 29, 2007

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Agile In St. Petersburg

I'm hopping on the old paraffin budgie to St. Petersburg next week to help a client of mine select a software development partner out there.

Understandably, they are keen to have the A++ team for their business-critical project. And I'm doubly keen to see if we can make that happen for them.

The problem is, where are these A+ developers? In the UK, we have a fairly tightly-knit software development community, so we hear on the grapevine that Acme Ltd does better work than Whizzbang Plc or that John C. Sharp is an especially good OO coder. We bump into these folks at conferences and generally we know who the really good guys are. (Even if we can't get them at short notice!)

Does such a community exist in the St. Petersburg area? Are you part of that community? Who are the best Agile & OO software developers in the area? Which are known to be the best software development companies? Is there a St. Petersburg version of ThoughtWorks or RADTAC or IndigoBlue?

If you happen to know - or if you happen to be - one of these people or companies please drop me a line as soon as you can. I'll be in the city on Wednesday and I fly back on Friday afternoon.
Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago on June 29, 2007