July 9, 2007

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Client Seeks Design Authority

Did you make short work of the OO design problem I set in my last post?

If you can solve 5 problems like that before breakfast, with one hand tied behind your back and both eyes closed, and are interested in a challenging role with an international flavour (considerable foreign travel would be required - maybe spending 30-50% of your time overseas), then I have a client here in London who would very much like to meet you.

You would need .NET experience, very strong OO design (up-front and refactoring) muscles and an unshakable belief in evolutionary/feedback-driven design and the critical need for high quality throughout the development process.

Web experience is a must, also :-)

This could be a permanent role or a contract. They just want the right person for the job.

Email your CV and a covering note explaining your situation and availability to me ASAP.
Posted 1 week, 2 days ago on July 9, 2007