July 27, 2007

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My Three Top Project Requirements

People often ask me - well, when I say "people", they're more like cardboard cut-outs of people that I place strategically about my apartment to make it look as if I have friends - what are the three most important things you look for in a software project?

Well, that's easy:

1. It's got to have a vision that inspires me

2. It's got to have achievable goals

3. It's got to have a capable team

If you're planning to build yet another Web 2.0 hyperconnected-semantic-social-mash-up-thingummyjig, then I'm afraid you fail the first requirement.

If you're planning to deliver a system with 100 use cases in just 12 weeks, then you fail the second requirement.

If your team think that unit tests are some kind of voodoo, or that Duwamish Books represents the pinnacle of good software architecture, then you fail the third requirement.

Of course, most projects effortlessly fail all three...

Posted 14 years, 1 month ago on July 27, 2007