August 23, 2007

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More People Who Care About Software

Some more good folk - I mean true professionals - have taken the pledge and distinguished themselves from the hoardes of people out there just doing mortgage-driven development.

Grady Booch
Shrini Kulkarni
Steven Ashley
Erik Petersen
P.Jerald Rajan
Professor Colin Tully
Steve Freeman
Taz Daughtrey
Laurent Bossavit
Brian Marick
Frank Kelly
Christopher Redinger
Philip Rice
Cem Kaner
Rosie Sherry
Robert Nadler
Ritesh Shukla

If you want to send out the message that what you do is much more than just a job to you, and that you care about the quality and economy of the software you help to create, please take a moment to read and sign the pledge at

You'll be in very good company!
Posted 13 years, 10 months ago on August 23, 2007