September 3, 2007

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10 Software Development No-Brainers

I spend a considerable amount of my life locked in meeting rooms listening to protracted discussions about stuff that I could have sworn we'd sorted out years ago.

I'm thinking maybe, to save time and heartache, I should make a list of these no-brainers and their screamingly obvious solutions so we can all get on and apply our feeble minds to more important problems - like where to get the cheapest liquor.

1. What should be our Coding Standards? - Google "coding standards" for your chosen programming language, find a set that makes sense to you and then use them.
2. Should we do iterative development? - No. You should stick your head up an elephant's arse instead. It has about the same effectiveness as waterfall delivery, but is slightly less unpleasant for the parties involved.
3. Model-View-Controller or Model-View-Presenter? - seriously, who gives a sh*t? Pick one and get on with it.
4. .NET or Java? - ditto.
5. Are we doing too much unit testing? - No.
6. Do we need a business/systems analyst? - nobody needs a business/systems analyst. They're like nipples for men - they serve no practical purpose, but they can still be used to hurt you.
7. Should we adopt a Service-Oriented Architecture? - Sure. Just let the rest of us know when you've figured out what the hell that means, okay?
8. Are we doing too much refactoring? - No.
9. The guy we want is just outside our budget. What do we do? - Increase your budget. Find a way.
10. How can we make more time for quality? - Just do it. The extra time will make itself.
Posted 14 years, 2 months ago on September 3, 2007