September 6, 2007

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Agile Practitioner's Forum - Thank You

This isn't a proper write-up, but I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who contributed to last night's Agile Practitioner's Forum at the Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall, London.

"We shall refactor them on the beaches"

I facilitated a lively and spirited discussion on the totally dull and uncontroversial topic of Agile Architecture. Many very interesting ideas were expressed with passion and vigour, and I will - at some point soon - sit down and write up my recollections based on the childish scribblings (honestly, they might as well have been in crayon) I did on the flipchart to try and keep a record of these unique insights.

I'd like to extend special thanks to Simon Voice and Les Oliver for making it all possible.
Posted 13 years, 3 months ago on September 6, 2007