September 9, 2007

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Shameless Plug

As nerdy and beardy-wierdy as it is, there's no doubting that the Interweb has opended up the floodgates to a great deal of independent musical talent.

Artists like the Arctic Monkeys, Daniel Beddingfield and the very distinct Lilly Allen probably would not have got signed had they been forced to go through what we might now call "analogue A & R".

As software developers, we may well ask who would have put up the cash for Eclipse, Apache and Hibernate if this medium didn't exist. Let's enjoy it while the single tier Internet lasts...

I have to declare a vested interest myself. If it wasn't for the World Wide Woo, my stupidity would only be known to a handful of people living within comfortable walking distance. As it is, thanks to modern information and communications technology, I don't know anyone for at least 6 miles; and that's just how I like it.

Someone who lives considerably more than 6 miles away is my astonishingly hardworking stepbrother, who has recently released a music CD. Of course, any man and his dog can get a few tunes on these days - even Michael "Jesus Juice" Jackson. And anyone who knows me will know that I'm no fan of jingle-jangle. But this particular dose of jingle-jangle is annoyingly - er - well, not annoying. In fact I actually quite like it. It sits conspicuously in my CD tower next to Robbie Williams' "Sing While You're Winning", which should also be, based purely on the statistical evidence, far too jingly-jangly for an old metalhead like me.

But, Lord help me, I rather like it. And that's my entirely objective and unbiased opnion. Oh yes.

And while I'm at it, did you know this CD was recorded in India using Indian musicians and technicians? I suspect 10 years from now it won't be just be software engineering that gets outsourced to Mumbai...
Posted 13 years, 10 months ago on September 9, 2007