October 17, 2007

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Blog Archive Restored

I bet we all have a list of chores that we just never seem to get around to, don't we?

I've been putting off doing something about the restriction placed on the archive page on this blog for about a year now. It was only listing about the last 12 months of posts, so older posts literally dropped off the map - and, unless someone else had linked to them, off Google, making them impossible to find.

I had naively assumed it was date-driven logic in the SQL that is built by the PHP code to get the list of archived posts, and had tried to fix it several times - to no avail.

Finally, very early this morning, I figured it out: it's got nothing to do with dates. The query had a hardcoded limit of 250 items, which is roughly a year's worth of posts.


Now you can travel back in time and see just how many times I've contradicted myself in the last two and half years. It also means about 200+ blog posts are about to suddenly reappear in Google's next crawl (any hour now). No doubt that'll look a bit suspicious - so if I suddenly disappear from their index, you'll know why.

Get it while it's hot, folks!
Posted 13 years, 8 months ago on October 17, 2007