November 6, 2007

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Enterprise-scale Reuse - An Illustrated Example

Margaret is making a pot of tea in her plush New York apartment. At the exact same time, Jill is also making a pot of tea in her comfortable Long Island home.

Bill calculates that if Margaret and Jill shared one pot of tea, which would require them to use no extra tea bags and to only boil one kettle, they could save $0.08 (which, at the current rate of inflation, is worth about half now what it was when I started to write this sentence).

What Bill forgets, of course, is the $20 cab fair and the extra hour and a half it would take either lady to get across town in order for this reuse scenario to play out. But he tells them to do it anyway, and declares it a roaring success.

And that, folks, is how enterprise-scale reuse works. It is, I tell you. It's true!
Posted 13 years, 7 months ago on November 6, 2007