December 13, 2007

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Agile 2008 Open For Submissions

Submissions are now being accepted for Agile 2008, which will be held in Toronto, Canada (a civilised country for once!) in August next year.

The conference has been reorganised so that there are now many "stages" - like little mini-conferences (the name comes from the various stages you might find at music festivals) - so you can choose which stage might suit your session best.

If your session is accepted, then you get to attend for free, and I think there's even a little remuneration on top of that to help clear your bar bill.

I'm a reviewer for the Examples stage (producer: Brian Marick) and the Committing To Quality stage (producer: Steve Freeman), and I'm hoping to lend a hand with the Questioning Agile stage (producer: Jonathan Bach).

I'm thinking I might make a submission of my own, too. Needs more thought, though.
Posted 13 years, 6 months ago on December 13, 2007