December 14, 2007

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Complex Jobs Are Not Suited To CVs or Time Tracking

One of the of the reasons I tend to procrastinate over updating my CV is that I find it very difficult to boil down what I've done (and what I could do for a new client) into 2-3 sides of A4 paper with standard headings, pithy summaries and punchy bullet points.

Contray to popular myth, not even pigeons like to be pigeon-holed

It's also the reason I hate using time tracking systems. At the end of every week I look back and ask "exactly what did I do, and how do I break it down into the available categories presented here?"

In both cases, we're trying to distill complex, multi-dimensional work into simplistic 2-dimensional commodities: stuff that an accountant or a HR manager could understand.

The real danger, of course, is that I end up literally commoditising my work so that it will fit neatly into 2-dimensional boxes. This would probably lead to the temptation to strive for 100% utilisation of my time, which I'm compltely conviced actually leads to lower overall achievement as we're too flat-out to adapt and exploit the unplanned-for. You won't get more value out of me by keeping me busy.

It's yet another industry dysfunction that needs sorting out...
Posted 13 years, 6 months ago on December 14, 2007