January 9, 2008

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Crimes Against Usability - Windows Vista & Office 2007

I just wasted a few seconds trying to find Microsoft Office on my Vista start menu (or whatever they're calling it now). And then they go and screw around with the menus and toolbars in Office 2007, rendering me a complete novice again after 15 years getting used to the way they used to be laid out.

It's like having a cleaner who moves all your stuff around every night so that you can't find anything the next morning.

So Microsoft gets the Crimes Against Usability Award for 2007 for completely moving all their menus and toolbars around on flagship products we've spent over a decade getting used to so that even the most experienced users end up flapping around like we've never seen a computer before.

Well done, Microsoft!
Posted 13 years, 2 months ago on January 9, 2008