February 5, 2008

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Have You Caught The Scrum-Pox Yet?

Mike Vizdos follows up my blog post that was mysteriously removed from the site in the dead of night by the political correctness pixies (i.e, me).

I had received a couple of heartfelt pleas from fans of Scrum who were obviously really rather nonplussed, so I did the decent thing and chickened out. I'm proud to say that, like all good Englishmen, I completely lack the courage of my convictions. Mike has very kindly offered to repost the cartoon on his own site and take the heat for me.

Bolstered by Mike's support, I am also reposting the cartoon here for posterity. Suck it up!

On a related topic, those of you who doubt my assertion that Scrum spreads like a virus might like to take a look at this paper entitled Scrum-pox caused by herpes simplex virus.

Has your organisation caught the Scrum-pox yet*?

* And is that the sound of my inbox filling up again?

Posted 13 years, 4 months ago on February 5, 2008