December 2, 2005

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Oily Rags

A friend of mine has been working on an application for a big firm in London. After about a year or so, they've produced something quite snazzy by all accounts - but at a cost. Long hours, and plenty of blood and sweat from the developers. But it was worth it in the end. My friend was delighted to hear that the application had been nominated for an industry award. Cool, eh? It's never happened to me, but I reckon I'd be quite chuffed.

He was less delighted to hear on the day in question that there was going to be an awards ceremony. Everybody was invited: the project manager, the business analysts, the "chief knowledge officer" - whatever that means. Everyone. Except for one small group of people. Guess who? Yes, that's right. The people who built it!

The developers were definitely not invited. In fact, they weren't even told about the ceremony. Someone unconnected to the project just let it slip out on the day.

Needless to say, my friend is absolutely livid. And so his is team. And so are all the other developers on the other teams. And I quite understand why. It's terribly shabby treatment. It's inexcusable to go around patting yourselves on the back for work someone else actually did - despite your best attempts to "project manage" them.

Stretegic management in action? Duh! I don't think soooo...
Posted 15 years, 8 months ago on December 2, 2005