February 16, 2008

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.NET Build Engineer Required, London, UK

Hello, again.

A client of mine has a bit of a sticky problem, and I thought one of you might be able to help us out.

We are seeking a build engineer. That is to say, we are seeking a good Agile .NET developer who is a bit of a dab hand with the following:

* NAnt (writing build scripts, troubleshooting builds, creating custom NAnt tasks etc)
* CruiseControl.NET - configuring, operating and customising
* Continuous Integration (the practice of...)
* Automated deployment to testing and live environments

The role is based in London working for one of the world's most respected media brands. The people are great and there's a real buzz about the place, which you'll notice if you come to visit their offices.

It would be a 3 month contract to start.

I'm advertising this role because the usual recruitment routes have so far drawn a blank. Agents seem to have no idea what a build engineer is, and the candidates I've interviewed have fallen at the first hurdle (namely, they couldn't write a simple NAnt script to build a .NET project, run unit tests and deploy the build outputs!)

You will be working across a wide range of projects, with a wide range of stakeholders, and will be given considerable trust and autonomy to solve the problems thrown at you. In return, my client needs someone who demonstrably knows what they're doing and is deserving of such a level of trust.

Beyond sorting out build automation, there are plenty of great .NET projects for a strong OO Agile developer to get stuck into. If they like you, a longer-term relationship is very possible.

Oh, and you get to work with me, of course. For which there is no charge...

If you think you fit the bill, and reckon you could go 3 rounds with me in a technical interview (a bit of NAnt scripting, a bit of bug-fixing and unit testing, a small refactoring) then drop us a line.

Posted 13 years, 4 months ago on February 16, 2008