February 19, 2008

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Write All Your Logic In JavaScript and SQL (And Other Really Bad Ideas)

The tenacious Ron Hudson responds to my reply to his email about getting rid of the middle tier (which I most certainly don't condone) thus:

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Thanks for correcting me. I see now that you and I are in direct opposition, as were Galileo and the Catholic Church **smile**. Your approach results in 90% too much code in my opinion, and is not nearly as scalable as my SQLAjax approach.

Since you appear to have an expert viewpoint on 3-tier architecture for web applications, perhaps I could have some of my sales people speak with you by phone some time and hear your thoughts on why you feel so much additional code is required on your web server using things like Java, .NET, Ruby, etc. I think that my sales people would have some interesting and challenging questions for you, as I would.

You represent the precise reason why people are looking for a solution like SQLAjax, and I'm trying to prepare my sales staff to discuss this with people who will be debating this subject with people just like you. I would be willing to pay for your time if you are willing to help me train my staff. Just let me know your fee in advance.

Please call me at the number below any time if you want to discuss this further with me directly, or if you would be interested in joining our venture as a Quality Engineer. I can see that you are passionate about software quality and value, and I know that you will want to switch to SQLAjax as soon as you start learning how custom handlers, JSON, and stored procedures work together

Frankly, I'm lost for words.

Well, almost. I think my brother Antony summed it it up best:

Hooking AJAX directly to an sp: so how does this happen? - by magic? - or by using his proprietary middle tier code to provide the glue?
"Yeah - everybody stop writing middle tier code, then buy mine and revert to bunging your entire application into a sql server"

Personally, I don't think Ron has done his maths. Either that or he's stuck in the Duwamish Books mindset where the purpose of middle tier code is purely to call stored procedures and marshall resultsets back to the UI.

Either way, I feel for his sales guys - I really do.

Posted 13 years, 3 months ago on February 19, 2008