March 27, 2008

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Do Software Developers Need A Muse?

I go through periods when I spend an hour or two most days playing on my guitar. And then I go through periods when I barely touch it for days at a time.

And sometimes I'll be drawn out of one of these fallow stretches by a new guitar, or a new effects pedal, or after listening to another guitar player doing something really cool that I haven't heard before.

It seems that no matter how disciplined I try to be about practicing every day, I still seem to need some kind of muse to refire my enthusiasm.

And I can't help drawing a parallel with how I see developers respond to the latest cool tools, or cool new ways of doing things. Perhaps TDD is the muse that has fired up your love for software development again. Or perhaps Ruby On Rails has got you burning the midnight oil, eager to cut code again. Or maybe (because there's no accounting for taste) your interest has been piqued by BizTalk or SOA.

In of themselves, some of these trends and fads might have questionable value, but as catalysts for developers to reconnect with the joy they once had in their work, they can be very valuable.

Posted 13 years, 4 months ago on March 27, 2008