April 4, 2008

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Another Continuous Background Testing Tool

Josh Chisholm has kindly sent me a link to a tool that runs your unit tests in the background while you work, this time for Ruby.

Josh notes:

Just wanted to mention that another tool, autotest does this and is quite popular in the Ruby community. It's not tied to any IDE, you just keep a command window open or a command panel in your favourite editor. I believe the RadRails and Netbeans IDEs have built-in autotest support.

Maybe I haven't got experience of big enough projects, but I use it when I am writing Ruby and I love the way it complements the TDD workflow. When you save a class or test, it does quite a crude check of which tests are "relevant" and reruns any broken tests until they pass, then runs the whole suite. When you consider writing a single failing test at a time, this normally works very nicely. I can imagine a five minute suite makes this impractical, but I never let that happen!

Autotest is part of ZenTest: http://www.zenspider.com/ZSS/Products/ZenTest/

...and it works nicely with rSpec as well: http://rspec.info/

Josh knows his onions, so this is probably well worth a look.

Posted 13 years, 2 months ago on April 4, 2008