April 7, 2008

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Media Giant Seeks Talented Post-Agile .NET Professionals (London, UK)

Are you good at software development?

I mean, are you actually good, and not just saying it?

Do you pretty much always write a failing test before you write new code?

Do you really refactor as you go?

Before you check in your code, do you always do a full build and run all your tests first?

Can you sniff out a code smell from 100 yards?

Do you know your Dependency Injection from your Dependency Inversion?

Are you energized by working in teams with people who care about what they're doing?

Do you like to share your knowledge and learn from others?

Do you care about doing work that can have a positive impact on society, rather than just helping the rich to get richer?

Would you like to work for an organisation whose core values include fostering genuine creativity, trust, quality and respect?

Would you like to work for a company that pays people like me to support and coach you in your efforts to become the best software developer you can be?

My client is one of the most respected media organisations in the world, and we are looking for smart, talented and highly motivated .NET developers and team leaders who - above all else - care about the quality of the software they create, and who will grasp the opportunity to do good work - and to be part of a team that is learning and rapidly progressing - with both hands.

Although we're by no means at NASA standards of quality yet, we're progressing very rapidly towards better practices and better code, and this is being driven by the people doing the work - people like you. As a professional who likes to learn and to share knowledge, you will embrace this chance to be part of this process and to help to create a world-class development organisation in years to come.

Openings exist in London for permanent and freelance professionals, starting as soon as you're available. We will wait for the right person, so if you have notice you have to work out, don't worry.

But don't get in touch if you're entirely motivated by money, because you will be disappointed. My client can't offer the kind of salaries or contract rates that investment banks might pay. But they can offer you a chance to leave with your soul and your nerves intact. And I can say with a high degree of confidence that you'll never find a culture as open and supportive in the majority of commercial organisations.

Besides, the money's not actually that bad. You certainly won't starve!

Drop me a line with your CV if you'd like to be considered.

Posted 13 years, 10 months ago on April 7, 2008