April 23, 2008

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My "Simple" 30-Minute Project Was Delivered 10 Minutes Late

Believe it or not, when I recorded the TDD screen capture posted yesterday - which was a couple of weeks ago now - I actually did a dry run and a couple of takes before the final version.

Each time I wrote exactly the same code. I mean exactly the same.

The dry run took about 45 minutes.

The first take had to be aborted after 15 because my IDE just wouldn't "play the game" in the middle of the refactoring, and I got into a bit of a pickle and said a rude word.

The second take fouled up within 5 minutes when Visual Studio locked up while running a single unit test and I had to CTRL+ALT+DELETE my way the hell out of Dodge.

Even in the third take, my lousy typing and some dev environment foibles made it less than plain sailing. It took just under 30 minutes to complete.

I did another full take after that one - which took 40 minutes for some reason. Again, exactly the same code.

So you see, even for just four unit tests, writing precisely the same code, there's considerable variance in how long it might take. Even a 30-minute project duplicating code I've already written four times can come in 10 minutes - that's 33% - late...

Posted 13 years, 3 months ago on April 23, 2008