May 22, 2008

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Everything Is Agile. Agile Is Everything.

After a recent flurry of coincidental trollings from various folk about the contentious term "Post-Agilism", I've come to a decision:

It's just not worth arguing about

The arguments are all of the circular "oh, but that is Agile, isn't it?" variety. To the extent that one correspondant claims that if doing waterfall development works for you, than that is Agile. Which is errent nonsense, surely.

And patently many folks believe that us post-Agilists (all 2 of us) should stick with the Agile movement even when we're not finding what we need in the Agile movement. Even when the Agile community are hostile to our line of enquiry.

I'm sensing a very real desire here to plant a flag for The Big "A" in everything good that comes along. If usability is good, then it's Agile. If Fagan inspections help your project, then they're Agile. If listening to Britney Spears and wearing your Spider-man pyjamas makes you code better, than that's Agile, too.

"I am Alpha and Omega."

There comes a point where I think that, for such a little thing, it's just not worth entering into debates. The people who don't get it, won't get it. To them, everything is Agile, and Agile is everything. And that's an end to the discussion.

It was only ever intended to be a useful contention. A diverting whimsy. A flim flam to stimulate a bit of free thinking.

Instead, it's opened a can of worms and stimulated a hostile - and occasionally vitriolic - defense of the Agile status quo, which - they argue - is not the status quo at all, but will be forever young, vital and omnipotently relevant.

So I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree, and I hope you'll pardon me from any further discussion or debate on this subject.

Posted 13 years, 1 month ago on May 22, 2008