June 4, 2008

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Mobile Computing Finally Arrives At Casa Gorman

Isn't modern technology wonderful? I'm sitting on my little balcony typing these words into a brand new Asus Eee PC that I bought at the weekend.

Gadgets are usually a bit of a let-down, don't you find? The marketing hype makes it sound like the cure for all ills, but when you get it out of the box, it turns out to be just another flakey pile of over-promising, under-achieving plastic crap.

But not my new Asus. I'd heard from several people who've got one how good they are, and so I figured I'd take the plunge.

My first observation is that it's a more powerful computer than the laptop I bought in 2001. But then, so is my mobile phone.

What really sets the Asus apart is that you can use it pretty much like a laptop, which could never be said of my phone. It has almost identical applications. But I could never really get the hang of mobile computing using my handset. It's just too fiddly.

The 7-inch Asus is just on the right side of laptop-sized to make typing things like lengthy blog posts, as well as web surfing and watching videos, so much easier and more fulfilling.

But, unlike my laptop, I can take the Asus just about anywhere. It's also so cheap that I don't feel anywhere near as paranoid about it being broken or stolen or getting lost in the luggage at Heathrow Terminal 5.

And you can do stuff using an Asus that goes way beyond what the hype suggests. For example, nobody told me the VGA output allowed display resolutions up to 1024x768. That's fantastic for people like me who spend half their lives dragging laptops around to show PowerPoint slides.

The media player will happily chug through 480p video files, which is the native resolution of the screen. And, thanks to 3 USB 2.0 sockets, you can attach DVD players, external hard drives of any size and my favourite HSDPA mobile broadband wotsimafloojits. My Vodafone 3.5G modem worked first time. Happy happy joy joy.

So as soon as I'm fit for duty, it's off to the beach with my new toy - I mean, serious work tool...
Posted 12 years, 5 months ago on June 4, 2008