June 16, 2008

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Back To Work

First of all, the astute among you will have noticed that I've failed to deliver on my promise to update the pledges on icareaboutsoftware.org and to have designed a logo for t-shirts and wotnot.

As they say: the best laid plans of mice and men...

I took a week off to catch up on a whole bunch of stuff, but a week just wasn't anywhere near long enough, so I made a deliberate decision to put some of that stuff back another month or two. I will, however, try hard to be up-to-date by the end of the summer, as I suspect in the autumn my circumstances will have changed again, with a new challenge and a new commute to contend with. Being a freelancer, the road ahead is always dark and unknowable like that.

Certainly, I'm back in the harness at my client site and seeing things have been ticking along just dandy without my saintly presence, which is usually my queue to move on.

I've used the analogy before about air conditioning that blows warm air into a hot room, but I am starting to feel like I might be reaching equilibrium with my surroundings. When that happens there are two courses of action:

1. Go to another environment where I'll be at a different temperature to them again
2. Choose to stay and "go native"

99% of the time I would rather eat my own arse than accept a permanent position. In this case, however, I'm surprised to admit that I might actually seriously consider it, such is my fondness for this particular client and the strength of belief in what we're doing.

Alas, I suspect no such offer is going to be forthcoming (remember, I've been blowing freezing cold air at them for several months, which tends not to enamour senior managers to me even when it gets the desired results) and so I will be keeping my ear to the ground for interesting new projects.

In the meantime, there are a couple of interesting innovations going on here that I hope to share with you before the summer's over. Those, as well as the I Care About Software thingummyjig, look likely to become very prominent in my future work.

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