August 13, 2008

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Falling Between The Cracks - When Your Processes Don't Allow You To Adapt

A couple of years back, I lost my wallet on the way to an off-site meeting with a client.

I called my credit card company to ask them to cancel my card and send me a replacement. It just so happens at that very moment a replacement card was already on its way to me in the post because I'd been upgraded to a gold card.

They canceled the gold card. And didn't send a replacement card because a replacement card was already on its way.

Somewhere buried in their complex processes is a unique combination of circumstances for which they never planned. A box in the state transition table they forgot to tick, if you like.

And because business is complicated, such operational cul-de-sacs will inevitably catch us out from time to time.

The right thing to do when we get stuck in a box nobody planned for is to improvise a solution and incorporate it into regular operations. We call that learning. You may have heard about it...

The wrong thing to do is to refuse to admit that there's a hole in your processes and leave no room in which to improvise a solution, let alone incorporate that solution into your business in case the situation arises again. That's called not learning. It's very popular these days.

Posted 12 years, 9 months ago on August 13, 2008