August 16, 2008

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Agile Design Training Course - Launched Today

Seven years in the making and a dozen false-starts later I finally get around to announcing the definitive training workshop on Agile Design.

What took me so long? Well, this workshop is jam-packed full of both Agile fruity goodness and visual modeling vitamins and minerals.

It's the training equivalent of a superfood, which is why it's taken so much work to distill it all down to a 5-day learning experience.

To fit it all, I've had to forego the basics. This is not a course for beginners in OO programming, Agile development or UML. This is a course for the big boys and girls. You've been doing it for while. You've mastered the basics. But now you want to take it to the next level.

It's a course that's all about having your cake and eating it: designing for now, and accomodating the future. It's got up-front OOA/D and Agile Modeling (ALA Scott Ambler) but with a test-driven twist. It's got design principles, code smells and refactoring. It's got code analysis and metrics. It's got business modeling and enterprise architecture, but not as you know it! There's no fancy-pants Big Design Up-Front Model-Driven Wotsisface going on here. It's all good, simple home-cooked Agile Enterprise Architecture.

And then there's the secret ingredient. The techniques I've used to scale up the Agile approach and align business goals with delivered code across multiple projects/systems. I'm not saying any more. You'll have to see it to find out more.

The workshop is designed to take 5 days, and is delivered at the customer's offices. It works like a big coding dojo, so you'll need to bring at least one laptop between two people, with your favorite IDE installed. .NET users will be at a slight advantage, as the code analysis examples I'll be doing will use NDepend and FxCop. But alternatives exist for Java and C++, which we can explore when we're planning your workshop.

To find out more, visit the training page on, or email me with a few details about your needs.

Posted 12 years, 11 months ago on August 16, 2008