October 7, 2008

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CITCON Europe 2008 - In Brief

Went to the Continuous Integration & Testing Conference in Amsterdam this weekend.

Good sessions run by Ivan Moore (on "Flickering Builds" - builds that fail randomly), Steve Freeman (on "Long-term Sustainability" of builds, which steered towards a discussion about the dysfunctional work ethic in creative disciplines like software development) and Jamie Dobson on the problem of how to quickly get decent test coverage on legacy code by "listening" to user interactions and collecting test data from those examples.

My session on "The Future of Feedback" was crap. I make no excuses. Only 8 people showed up and I hadn't really thought it through. I just couldn't compete against a session entitled "Is Scrum Evil?" (Yes, it is - in case you were wondering.)

I also get the strong sense that anything beyond the next six months was of little interest to most people at the conference. As always, I'm a genius ahead of my time...

And my theory that random build failures are mostly caused by poltergeists obviously requires further investigation.

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago on October 7, 2008