October 21, 2008

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Reality? What Reality?

It's come to my attention that some projects... actually, most projects... are living in a fictional dream world where the normal rules of space and time and tea and cakes simply don't seem to apply.

In this this cotton candy dreamscape, nine women can have one baby in one month and it's quite possible to write crappy, buggy code and never have to pay for the cost of cleaning it up.

People who live in this cloud-covered Nirvana will go to any lengths to prevent the harsh, burning light of reality from getting in.

One way to stay happy and safe in the marshmallow project bubble is to avoid any kind of meaningful, objective feedback for as long as humanly possible. Iterative development kind of puts the kybosh on that. If your customer is expecting to see - and comment on - working software every week or two, then you won't get far before the reality ogre comes a'calling.

This is why these airheads prefer to make their iterations really long. I mean reaaaaalllllly long.

How about a year?

That's a whole year of no readily apparant missed deadlines, reported bugs, failing acceptance tests or design issues. Instead, it's fluffy bunnies and milk chocolate buttons all the way. At least until it's time to look for a new project, anyway...

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago on October 21, 2008