October 23, 2008

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Will The Credit Crunch Crunch Quality?

We all know the drill. The project deadline is looming. The schedule is slipping. The budget is straining.

What's the thin end of the wedge? Quality.

When teams are being driven by fear of failure (to appear to meet arbitrary deadlines), they do silly things. Mostly they stop taking care over the quality of the code they're writing and just start hacking out crap. Which always turns out to be a false economy.

So one can't help wondering what will happen to practices like test-driven development, refactoring, good OO design and other quality-driven techniques when managers are looking to slash budgets across the board.

The right thing to do - with our sane, calm, rational hats on - would be to push those aspects of development even harder - because they can be very effective in keeping total cost of ownership down, even in the medium term.

But that message about the economy of defect prevention vs. the waste of code-and-fix development still hasn't even begun to get through to non-programmers. Heck, most programmers don't believe it yet, either.

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago on October 23, 2008