November 10, 2008

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SPA 2009 - Scalable .NET Code Reviews

So the results are in and - NEWSFLASH - it looks like my session proposal on scaling up code reviews using automated analysis has been accepted for Software Practice Advancement 2009.

What with that, the Software Craftsmanship conference I'm launching, and my annual electro-shock therapy, the first quarter of 2009 could be pretty busy for one Senor Gormando.

Another scoop is that the SPA venue is changing. Originally they were going to hold it in some remote, isolated hell-hole on the Cambridgeshire-Northamptonshire border. I can't remember the exact name of the place, but I seem to recall Skeletor lived there for a while. Anyway, the new venue is going to be what some would say is the spiritual home of the SPA conference, namely the BCS building in Covent Garden, London.

This is geat news for folks who live in or around London, because the registration fee no longer has the considerable burden of accomodation to shoulder, making participation more financially attractive this year. It's not so good news if you live on the Cambridgeshire-Northamptonshire border, but if you do then there's a very good chance that you're Skeletor or one of his minions, in which case you're probably not welcome this year. (Unless, that is, you're presenting a session called "Universal Domination in Ruby", of course...)

If you're coming to SPA (which will be in early April) and are a .NET bod who might want to attend my session, then you'll probably need to bring a laptop and it'll need Visual Studio 2005 or later installed for the practical stuff. We'll be using NDepend (yeah, I know - big surprise) to do the actual code analysis, and if you haven't already installed and fiddled with it before the session, I'll be making a trial version available on disk that installs in the same time that it takes to unzip the files to you hard drive (literally, that's the installation procedure.)

My second session proposal, for a panel debate called The Agile Delusion, was cruelly overlooked again by the selection committee (the fools! Dont they knows genius when they sees it?) But the relocation of the conference to central London opens up the tantelising possibility of running it in a nearby hostelry as a sort of "Off Broadway" event one evening during the 3-day conference. Watch this space.

Posted 12 years, 6 months ago on November 10, 2008