January 2, 2009

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XDepend - Like NDepend, But For Java

Master of understatement, Patrick Smacchia, has quietly introduced a Java variant of his insanely revealing .NET code analysis tool NDepend, which - because the name JDepend was already taken - is called XDepend.

It supports the same dependency analysis, metrics and Code Query Language as NDepend, and people who have built tools that integrate with NDepend outputs files will no doubt find their investments reusable here, too.


Next stop, I suspect, is a LINQ for code analysis, which will allow some very sophisticated queries indeed, making it possible at last to automatically search for complex code smells and other design quality problems (I have the specs all ready to go) - possibly in NDepend 3.0?

Posted 12 years, 4 months ago on January 2, 2009