January 31, 2009

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Send Me Your Nominations for Algorithms That Changed The World

I've been asked to come up with a list of the twenty most important algorithms in computing. I'm not at liberty to explain for whom and for why, but suffice as to say at has a connection with other interests I'm persuing.

To give you an example, think of graph traversal algorithms for finding the shortest path between two nodes. How many applications can one think of of such algorithms (e.g., route planning in satnav systems)? What is the impact on society - people, communities, families, businesses, governments etc? How many lives have been changed by it? How has society been changed by it? Is the impact greater or smaller than, say, Quick Sort or Binary Search?

Here's where you can help: if you can think of an algorithm that you believe has had a big impact on the world we live in, then please send me your nominations, pointing to any useful resources for understanding it, and any evidence for its impact.

I will compile a shortlist from the nominations and then organise a vote so we can all have our say in choosing the top 20.


Posted 12 years, 3 months ago on January 31, 2009