February 4, 2009

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Stephen Fry Boosts Bletchley Park Campaign Through Twitter

Today's been one of those truly great days. The snow's been playing havoc with work schedules, and it's been a frustrating week.

But this morning, in response to some tireless and equally shameless begging via Twitter from Dr Sue Black of the University of Westminster, only bloody Stephen Fry himself has put out the word on Saving Bletchley Park to his 100,000+ followers and this seems to have catalyzed the campaign today.

Blog posts have been popping up about Bletchley Park, and it's been one of the hottest topics on Twitter today.

And what an extraordinarily small world it is; only yesterday I was blogging about Stephen Fry being stuck in a lift and using Twitter to broadcast this breaking news. Now today the very same Stephen Fry is using the very same Twitter to help raise awareness of the plight of one of Britain's most important historical sites.

That's 10/10 to Sue Black for her good-natured pestering, 11/10 to Mr Fry for using his Twitter powers for good and not evil, and 12.5/10 to Twitter for demonstrating the true power of the Internets. It's not all just guys shoving things up their butts and songs about "Chocolate Rain", and today has restored my faith in technology and humanity.

All we need now is a good war to redress the balance...

Posted 4 days, 5 hours ago on February 4, 2009