February 8, 2009

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Is Fearne Cotton The Worst Twittizen?

Many moons ago (earlier last week) I proposed a rough measure of how "interactive" Twitter users are. How much do they follow other people's updates? How much do they respond to or interact with other Twitter users.

Just for jolly, I applied my Twittizenship metric (= (log(users followed)/log(users following)) x number of posts addressing other users out of most recent 25) to the top 10 Twitter users in NOOP.NL's list of top 50 software development "Tweeters" (A "Tweet" is a Twitter post).

I also ran the numbers for myself, Twittermeister Stephen Fry and TV presenter and Radio 2 DJ Jonathan Ross, for comparison. I acknowledged that major celebrities with tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers couldn't reasonably be expected to follow or interact with all of them, which is why my metric isn't linear. Fry came off pretty good, as it happened. Wossy not so good. But undoubtedly Ross is a better Twittizen than some from NOOP.NL's top 10. Some from our own industry should hang their heads in shame at just how much "one-way traffic" they seem to be on Twitter.

But who is the worst Twittizen of all? I don't have a database of metrics for every Twitter user, so I can't officially claim to know for sure, but I guess you can't get much worse than a Twittizenship score of zero, can you? At least, not if you have more than zero followers and have posted more than zero updates.

As luck would have it, I just so happen to have stumbled across such a rare beast, after following complaints from several users about this particular Tweeter.

(Sound of gold envelope being ripped open)

And the winner for Worst Twittizen 2009, as deemed by my own personal Twitter Academy, is.... (drum roll)

Fearne Cotton !

Now, don't get me wrong. I think Fearne, a well-known TV personality here in the UK, is a very attractive young lady and I have no problem with her at any level. But despite having over 13,000 followers, Fearne is only following a paltry 5 other Tweeters herself. And as far as I can see she has never addressed a single update to another Twitter user.

And, reading her updates, I noticed that - unlike every other Twitter user I've come across so far, almost every single one really is:

a. about her, and
b. really rather trivial and shallow

Now I don't believe that Fearne Cotton is as shallow or as self-obsessed as her Twittisenship score suggests. It may be, for example, that she just hasn't figured out how you reply to another Twitter user. In which case Fearne, here's a link to an instructional video for Twitter newbies. The key thing to remember is that Twitter is a social media platform, and social media platforms are democratic and therefore about peer-to-peer dialogue. Social media platforms are not for broadcasting.

I'm looking forward to finding out her Twittizenship score in 2010.

Posted 12 years, 3 months ago on February 8, 2009