March 6, 2009

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Software Craftsmanship 2009 Follow-Up

This went out as an email to delegates, but is reproduced here for completeness

First of all, if you made it to SC2009 on Feb 26th then a big hearty thanks for helping to make the day the success that your generous feedback suggests it was.

An especially big thanks goes to everyone who ran the sessions. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Also, many, many thanks to Robin Doran from BBC Backstage, Peter Camfield from BBC Worldwide and Kerry Jones from BBC Future Media & Technology for all your invaluable assistance in putting the event together. Thanks, too, to all the BBC delegates who helped out on the day. You did a sterling job.

The event was very generously sponsored by BBC Worldwide and BBC Backstage. You should check them out, 'cause they're doing some pretty cool stuff these days:

A few announcements:

* Were you at Keith Braithwaite's excellent TDD As If You Meant It? session? Do you still have a copy of the code you worked on? If the answer is Yes, then you might want to consider donating it to science! Please send zipped-up copies of your code to Dr Sue Black from University of Westminster so she and Steve Counsell from Brunel University can perform deranged experiments on it that hopefully will produce further insights into software maintainability.

* Don't forget to pay a visit to Sue's website dedicated to Saving Bletchley Park and see if you can help.

* A reminder about the upcoming Software Practice Advancement conference, which is being held in London this year at the BCS offices in Covent Garden starting on April 5th. I'm running a session on scaling up design reviews using automated code analysis. Apart from that, the rest of the programme looks pretty good, though ;-)

* Another reminder about Rachel Davies' Agile coaches gathering event which is being held at Bletchley Park on 22-23rd May

Following up:

Session Materials/Outputs

Immo Huneke has posted the outputs from his excellent and intimate session on My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts on the - now publicly accessible - conference Wiki:

Gojko Adzic has posted slides and related material from his well-received session on Specification Workshops:

Nat Pryce's notes for his fascinating session on Testing Asynchronous Systems can be find here:

Ivan Sanchez posts his session materials for 5 Reasons To Have Coding Dojo here:

Feedback from the Blogosphere

Kerry Buckley very nicely summarises some of the sessions:

Gojko Adzic's great write-up of TDD As If You Meant It:

Markus Gaertner's summary of the conference:

Diego Pino shares his thoughts here:

Richard Fennell gets his thoughts down on virtual paper:

BBC Worldwide's Rob Bowley blogs about SC2009 and posts a great pic that illustrates how busy lunch was!

.NET journeyman Tim Ross posts:

SC2009 Vox Pops video

What Next?

Will there be a Software Craftsmanship 2010 conference? Very probably, yes. Watch my blog for developments, and get your thinking caps on for session ideas.

Where do we continue this dialogue? A good start would be to sign up for the Software Craftsmanship Google Group. Many of the folk you might have met on feb 26th are known to frequent the Extreme Tuesday Club in London. Also, you'll find us at Software Practice Advancement, XPDay and many other Agile-leaning events.

What about a specific regular meet-up on Software Craftsmanship? Bingo! Great idea. What a clever fellow you are for suggesting it :-) Yes, we shouldn't let the energy and momentum we gathered at SC2009 fixxle out, so I'm going to propose a regular meeting that will be a sort of mini-SC2009 where we specifically meet-up with our laptops for hands-on learning, sharing, practice and alcohol. (The four major food groups, I think you'll find.) The XTC venue is too noisy, really. So I'll be seeking out a friendly venue with a decent-sized function room and maybe even a projector and screen. I'm also leaning very heavily towards a weekend timeslot, because my brain is usually pretty frazzled by 7pm on a weekday! Keep an eye on my blog, and on the Google group, for announcements very soon.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but isn't that always the way. Drop me a line with any thoughts, complaints or offers of easy money.

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