March 18, 2009

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

The Movement Formerly Known As "Software Craftsmanship"

As with all intellectual movements, it seems the mere act of choosing a name is enough to stoke up heated debate.

It's actually not possible to use words currently in existence because they all have some kind of semantic baggage, and someone, somewhere is going to take offence somehow.

One possible solution is to take a leaf out of pop singer Prince's book and adopt an abstract symbol that's currently not in use.

The Movement Formerly Known As "Software Craftsmanship"

But then again, if you've ever taken the ink blot experiment, you'll know that even abstract shapes can get people hot under the collar.

On a related note, while some argue over the name, others continue to argue over what it is we actually believe in. Already there's a manifesto that's generating fun and games on discussion groups and blogs around and about the countryside. Meanwhile, a few folk seem to be venturing out into the Cursed Earth to preach the good word of Software Craftsmanship - from what bible I do not know, because we're still writing the outline.

Certainly, there seem to be different schools of emerging. Some, for example, see apprenticeship as a key requirement. I don't. Don't get me wrong, I think apprenticeships is a potentially great way to learn and improve. No argument there. But are there other ways? And are the people who tread that other path really "software craftsman"? (Sorry, are they really ...) Yes, I rather think they probably are.

Which all brings me to the conclusion that we may be overthinking things. Again. Because we're like that.

Posted 12 years, 2 months ago on March 18, 2009