May 14, 2009

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Will Poor Software Craftsmanship In Breath Test Kit Lead To Acquittal?

I was fascinated to read a report of the findings of a rewiew by Base One Technologies Inc of the source code of a breath alcohol analyser conducted by the defense counsel in State vs. Chun.

Of particular interest was their conclusion that "The Alcotest Software Would Not Pass U.S. Industry Standards for Software Development and Testing".

Could anybody in the US please direct me to these "industry standards"...? What's especially fascinating is how different this report might have read if written by another software company. A Microsoft Gold Partner might have highlighted failures to follow .NET "best practices" detected by a tool like FxCop. An Agile shop might have highlighted the presence of duplication in the code. A CMMi shop might have highlighted the lack of certain key processes. And so on.

Posted 15 hours, 4 minutes ago on May 14, 2009