January 5, 2006

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2006 Training Portfolio

A new year, and a new selection of high quality, hands-on training and mentoring options. The focus in 2006 is very much on team performance, with Agile Software Process Improvement providing a performance management framework around which organisations can build.

The UML courses are still there, but are being adapted to be more Agile SPI-friendly. There is particular emphasis on OO design principles and model-driven metrics. UML is also used as a tool in Agile Maintenance to help visualise and communicate existing system designs and plan your refactorings more effectively.

In a break with tradition, there will be no publicly scheduled courses this year - I'm just way too busy to organise and execute them (there's a lot of marketing, sales and organisation involved). As each course is now aimed squarely at teams and organisations, it makes more sense to run them for whole teams at the client's site.

The new course list is here
Posted 16 years, 4 months ago on January 5, 2006