June 9, 2009

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Software Craftsmanship 2010 Straw Poll

The long and windy road to Software Craftsmanship 2010 starts here with a couple of questions that you, dear reader, can help us resolve.

For a whole host of very good reasons, the current front runner for next year's venue is Bletchley Park. I hear it worked out very nicely for the recent Agile Coaches Gathering organised by Rachel Davies and chums. The question is; if we held it at Bletchley Park (just a 45 minute hop by train from Euston, and then a 3 minute walk from Bletchley station), would you come?

The next question is about money. Thanks to the very generous sponsorship and hospitality of BBC Worldwide and BBC Backstage, we were able to put together a fairly cheap - but decidedly cheerful - event this last February. SC2010 is going to need a bigger budget so that we can do some of the really cool things that were beyond our reach last time and put together a truly great event. This would mean that we'll be asking for a small contribution to the coffers from your good and kind and generously lovely (but not in a sexual way) dear self - somewhere between 50 to 100 of your Earth pounds. To give you an idea, the Agile Coaches Gathering was 75 quid, and bloody good value at that.

Many thanks for your time, and mind how you go, squire!

Posted 11 years, 11 months ago on June 9, 2009