July 1, 2009

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Software Craftsmanship Is Not Rolling Stone

I like to explain it this way:

Take two music magazines: Rolling Stone and Guitar Techniques.

One is written by people who probably don't play a musical instrument and is aimed at an audience of people who probably don't play a musical instrument either and is mostly not about the actual music itself. Rolling Stone is a magazine about the music business and the musician's lifestyle.

The other is written by guitar players and is aimed at guitar players and is mostly about how to play things on the guitar. In these modern times of CDs and DVDs and web media, these guitar magazines are often accompanied by recordings of famous guitar players actually playing their guitars so we can see how they do what they've been talking about doing in the magazine. Guitar Techniques is a magazine about playing the guitar.

If you read Guitar Techniques every month and try many of the examples and exercises, your playing will probably improve. It won't help your chances of producing a hit record. Not one jot. So if fame and money is your goal, you may as well read Rolling Stone (for all the good it will do you).

Guitar Techniques is a magazine for people who want to be better guitar players. Rolling Stone is a magazine kids take to their hairdresser to show them what hairstyle they want.

I believe that the spirit of software craftsmanship should be more like Guitar Techniques than Rolling Stone, in case you were wondering :-)

Posted 11 years, 10 months ago on July 1, 2009