July 1, 2009

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Boffoonery! Comedy Benefit For Bletchley Park. London, Nov 3rd.

So it's time finally to let the cat out of the blog. I'm producing a comedy benefit gig - with just a tiny bit of help from people who actually know what they're doing - to celebrate the astonishing achievements of those jolly clever men and women who worked in tip-top secret at Bletchley Park to crack the fiendishly fiddly codes being used by the Germans in WWII.

The show will be on Tuesday November 3rd at The Bloomsbury Theatre in London - a venue with an unbeatable track record in live comedy as well as charity shows. So we're in very good hands.

The line-up's still taking shape, but we're delighted, proud and slightly tumescent to be able to announce that we already have the services of some truly great stand-up performers, including Robin Ince, Richard Herring and Robert Llewellyn. As the show takes shape over the summer more great talent will be added to the line-up, so keep an eye on our web site (which will be launched proper in two weeks) and Twitter stream for updates.

So it'll be an evening of clever, enlightening and hilarious boffoonery - hence the name. Sadly, Jim Davidson wasn't available. (But we struggle on.)

Tickets will go on sale in mid-August for 25 quid. If you want to be first in the queue, Twitter users can follow @boffoonery.

And what, pray tell, am I contributing to the proceedings? Well, on the programme it'll say "Executive Producer". But basically I'm handling all the boring business, legal and financial stuff, as well as sorting out practical details ranging from venue selection and hire to backstage catering on the night. That's right - a dogsbody :-)

A big thanks goes to the folks behind commutineer.com, our kind sponsors for the event. (More about them soon.) Their generosity means that Marks & Spencers quiche is back on the menu in the green room. Hurrah!

Posted 11 years, 11 months ago on July 1, 2009