August 2, 2009

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Boffoonery! - How You Can Help

Dear Reader & Software Professional,

As mentioned in my last post, tickets for Boffoonery! go on sale on Wednesday August 12th; at 9am, to be precise.

A key goal of the show is to generate positive publicity for Bletchley Park and to demonstrate popular support to help sway any funding bodies who might offer financial backing. Selling out, and selling out quickly, would be just the kind of signal we'd love to send.

Of couse, selling 500 tickets would be a doddle if we had a marketing budget of 10,000 or more. Alas, our total marketing budget is considerably more modest - effectively two old pennies and an elastic band - so we must use our creativity and guile to make a big enough splash.

We must also call on the generous nature of friends, family and - not to put too fine a point on it - blog readers and Twitter followers. Once again I must get down on bended knee, ensure that my cap is suitably dothed and ask for your help.

Here's what you can do to help Boffoonery!

* If you're planning to buy tickets, please buy them on Wednesday August 12th, preferably before 6pm.

* If you know people who are interested in coming, please email or call them and ask them to buy their tickets on August 12th.

* If you know people who might enjoy the show (e.g., at work), please tell them about Boffoonery! and ask them to buy their tickets on August 12th

* Please consider printing off copies of our A4 poster and sticking them up on the noticeboards where you work

* If you have a blog, please consider writing a short blog post telling people about Boffoonery! and asking them to buy their tickets on August 12th

* If you are a Twitter user, then you can join in the Boffoonery! Twitter Bomb that'll be detonating between 9am and 12pm on August 12th. Some famous and not-so-famous Tweeters will be posting updates about #boffoonery on that morning to tell people about the show and point them at Please consider sending a tweet about us, and also please RT any tweets about #boffoonery that happen to cross your path

Timing is critical. If we generate too much interest before 9am on Aug 12th, people won't be able to buy tickets and we may lose sales. If we spread ourselves too thin, then we may not make the splash we need to get noticed. So we're keen to make a lot of noise, and sell a lot of tickets, on August 12th, and especially in the morning after 9am.

Please help us to make Boffoonery! a sell-out success. Your help will be invaluable and your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jason Gorman

Posted 11 years, 9 months ago on August 2, 2009