September 8, 2009

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Looks Like Boffoonery! Has Sold Out

I'm awaiting the official nod from The Bloomsbury Theatre, but - at the risk of counting my chickens before they've sold out - it looks like Boffoonery has, well, sold out.

We may be able to squeeze in a further 35 people standing up for a reduced ticket price. I'll discuss it with my compadres and get back to you on that tomorrow.

If my calculations are correct, we've raised over 12,000 for Bletchley Park. And selling out now is especially fitting, just after their 70th anniversary celebrations finished yesterday. It proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that there's strong public support for Bletchley Park.

I'm deeply grateful to everyone who bought tickets. Every penny of your ticket price will be donated to the Bletchley Park trust, even if this means we have to put the show together on a budget of sixpence and a couple of elastic bands. Luckily, thanks to our generous sponsors at, it won't come to that. And we will double - no quadruple - our efforts to make sure we put on a show that's worthy of the generosity you've shown.

And I'm especially grateful to everyone who helped spread the word: to all of you who tweeted and retweeted details about the show on Twitter. To everybody who printed posters and stuck them up on noticeboards. To everyone who emailed their friends and blogged and did all manner of Interweb loveliness to get the word out.

Big thanks is also due to our mighty celebrity tweeters, including Robert Llewellyn, Robin Ince, Richard Herring and the Twitterfiluting behemoth that is Mr Stephen Fry. With their help, and yours, we made quite a splash and the end results are positively astonishing.

On Nov 3rd, we'll roll out some comedy stars for you. But right now, as far as I'm concerned, you are the real stars.


Posted 12 years, 4 months ago on September 8, 2009