September 23, 2009

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Marketing Codemanship: What Search Terms Do I Pick?

I recently got about $50 of free Google AdWords vouchers to help promote my company web site, Yay!

Only, not so yay... You see, I've stumbled across something of a puzzle. I don't - repeat, DO NOT - want to tout myself as an "Agile Coach", or indeed, an "Agile" anything. Because, when I use that word - even just in passing - I immediately get pigeonholed by clients as a Scrum Master. Happens every time. And that's not business that particularly interests me, but it's a tough expectation to break once the perception's been established.

But if I'm not selling Agile coaching, then what, exactly, am I selling? And this is my puzzle. What keywords could I choose to have my Google ad appear when IT or development managers search on them looking for my kind of services?

Would an IT manager search for "software craftsmanship"? Very doubtful. Indeed, these days very few people are searching for "software craftsmanship". I know this because the SC2009 web site ranks second in Google's search results for that phrase, and my web stats tell me interest via search engines is very, very small compared to, for example, "use cases".

So I'm a bit stuck as to what keywords I should hang my hat on here. If a company's software/systems are poorly crafted - unreliable, untested, untestable, overly complex, hard to fathom, riddled with duplication and the worst kinds of dependencies - how could I use search engine advertising to find my quarry? Indeed, would a budget holder ever be actively seeking what I'm offering?

Posted 13 years, 1 month ago on September 23, 2009