March 30, 2010

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Training 4 Bletchley - Peer Group Learning & Assessment Workshop, Bletchley Park, Sept 16th

Bono estente, et scorchio!

Firstly, a very heartfelt thanks to everyone who has generously pledged their pay for September 16th to help Bletchley Park. We're well on our way to achieving my initial target of 50 pledges by the end of this week. If you haven't pledged, please take a moment and consider helping. And remember, for every pound you donate, it could unlock a further 4 quid in lottery funds. And then there's Gift Aid...

On that subject, I've also pledged my earnings for September 16th. And, like many coaches and trainers, I have good days and better days (financially speaking). I'm keen to make September 16th one of the better days, which usually means running a training workshop.

And where better to run a training workshop in aid of Bletchley Park than, well, Bletchley Park? The room is booked and I already know what the workshop will be focusing on.

In the last 18 months or so, as some of you will know, I've been focusing on a new approach to coaching and helping teams of developers to learn, internalise that knowledge and build good habits through long-term practice and refelection with your peers.

The results the pilot groups at various clients have been achieving look very promising indeed, and the approach has been validated with code reviews and metrics that show clear improvements in key areas of maintainability like code complexity, duplication and regression test assurance, as well as the reductions in bug counts we might expect.

This approach of Peer Group Learning & Assessment has worked especially well at the BBC, and I and my counterpart there, Kerry Jones, are "doing the rounds" of a few conferences and writing up our experinces for the odd journal, which can give you a flavour of what it's all about.

Of course, there's more to it than can be conveyed in a 45-minute talk or in a 6-page article. To run your own Peer Group Learning & Assessment program, you really need a practical, hands-on introduction to the key elements of the program, as well as some useful tips I've picked up during these last 18 months.

So I'm proposing to run a one day workshop on Peer Group Learning & Assessment at Bletchley Park on September 16th, where people can get a proper handle on what it is, how it works, how you might run such a program in your organisation, and a heads-up on some the pitfalls I've encountered in a small - but diverse - range of clients.

This is going to be real training - I'm going to prepare and everything - and I'll be charging a real training fee for registration, but instead of writing your cheque to my company, you'll be paying your money directly to the Bletchley Park Trust and helping to preserve and transform a hugely important part of computing history. It'll be a packed day, and you will really get your money's worth.

The tea and sandwiches will be on me!

Usual address for details.

Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago on March 30, 2010