March 31, 2010

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Software Craftsmanship 2010 - Date, Venue & Price

So mote it be.

At last, I can tell you the date and venue and registration cost for Software Craftsmanship 2010 - the world's first all-coding, no frills, no ever-so-slightly-fond-of-the-sound-of-their-own-voices-keynote-speakers developer conference.

The date is Thursday October 7th.

The place is Bletchley Park. Where else? We have exclusive use of the mansion for 120 practicing and aspiring software craftsmen.

The cost is a minimum donation of 100 GBP to the Bletchley Park Trust*.

Every single session will feature live coding, and those of you who fancy running a session have 4 months to rehearse the practical elements and get feedback from your peers. In the next two weeks, the SC2010 community site will go live, where you can post screen capture videos of your rehearsals, view other people's videos and leave comments as well as rate them.

On Friday 30th July we will stop accepting new submissions, and for the next 4 weeks the community will vote to decide which session proposals to include. This is essentially an auditon process, but one where you get to post as many updates and refinements to your sessions as you like up to July 30th, so the sooner you start posting your videos, the more iterations you'll be able to fit in and the better your chances.

Of course, even if you don't submit or a session, or your session doesn't make it into the program, you will still be contributing plenty on the day. This won't be a conference of talkers and listeners. It'll be a conference of do-ers and more do-ers!

And every penny of your registration donation will go to help one of the most important heritage sites in the history of computing.

Oh, and there'll be a tour of the site, too. Just in case that swings it for you.

* Specifically for this event

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